The Adorable Friendship Between Postman Munir And Anep The Dog


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The Adorable Friendship Between Postman Munir And Anep The Dog
This is probably the cutest animal-human friendship story that we've heard this week.

27-year-old postman Mohd Munir and Anep, the dog, have a unique relationship that started about four years ago.

Three to four times a week, Munir delivers letters to Anep's owner at Kampung Sira, Lenggong in Perak, but instead of popping it into the postbox, Anep is always there to greet Munir and take the letters from him.

Munir posted a short video of his usual letter delivery at Anep's house and netizens absolutely loved it.

The adorable video which was posted on Facebook five days ago was shared more than 17,000 times!

My waggy-tailed friend

"I didn't understand what the fuss was about when the video went viral. It's been happening for the last four years!" said a happy but puzzled Munir when speaking to Rojak Daily

Munir, who has been working as a postman for eight years admitted that he's not always had the best experience with dogs but after years of delivering to the area, he had developed a bond with Anep.

"Initially I was scared but the owner told me that Anep doesn't bite so I thought I would try and befriend him," said Munir.

Munir added that since then, he even includes commands such as "Come" and "Up" and always ends with a "Thank you" when the dog obediently takes letters from him.

A misunderstood subject

Munir said that many people, especially Muslims in Malaysia who are not permitted to touch dogs, don't really understand the animals.

"Of course, not all dogs are friendly but just because we cannot touch them, they should not be treated badly.

"Don't throw stones at them or kick them or hurt them. Just leave them be. And if they come too close to you, just walk or run away lah," he said. 

Treat all animals kindly.
He added that many people were afraid of barking dogs but that's just the sound that they make.

Well said, Munir!

May your friendship with Anep be an example to others and may it continue for years and years to come. 

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