“Pavithra Deserves Better” – Netizens Rally Behind YouTuber Following Domestic Abuse Case

Justice must be served!

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“Pavithra Deserves Better” – Netizens Rally Behind YouTuber Following Domestic Abuse Case
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Hope she recovers soon. )':

During the Movement Control Order (MCO), a new local YouTube star was born – Sugu Pavithra, a couple from Ipoh who enjoyed sharing their cooking recipes online.
The pair seemed like a lovely and endearing couple, which is why the nation got a rude shock when news of M. Sugu allegedly hitting S. Pavithra with a sickle made headlines on Wednesday (23 July).

According to The Star, Sugu, who was reportedly intoxicated, hit Pavithra at Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun, Ipoh with the sickle as he was unhappy that his wife failed to mention his name when she received an award from the Ipoh mayor recently.
Sugu was arrested on the scene, and was remanded three days to assist investigation.
Sugu being brought to the Magistrate's Court in Ipoh.
Pavithra sustained injuries on her face and arm and lodged a police report against Sugu.

Malaysians are outraged

Netizens were outraged upon hearing Pavithra’s account of the story, and they took to social media to share kind words with the Ipoh-born YouTube star; encouraging her to stay strong.
Some also regretted that Sugu acted in such way, which may cause them their YouTube career and ultimately, their relationship.
Others offered their opinion on the underlying issues that many may not know about.
We hope that justice will be served soon as no one should suffer such predicament no matter what the reason is.

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