Don’t Worry; The ‘Sugu Pavithra’ YouTube Channel Will Be Making A Comeback

Guess it's not just our politicians who make U-turns

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Don’t Worry; The ‘Sugu Pavithra’ YouTube Channel Will Be Making A Comeback

YouTube cooking sensations SuguPavithra to make a comeback

The past week or so have been pretty eventful for YouTube cooking sensations Sugu Pavithra with the arrest of M. Sugu for allegedly hitting Pavithra and threatening her with a sickle in a public place, no less.

He was charged for hitting her, as well as being in possession of a dangerous weapon.

Pavithra bailed her husband out and said that she forgave him, asking the public to do the same.  

Over the weekend, netizens noticed that all 98 videos posted by the couple had disappeared.

This was followed by a statement from the couple, saying that they did not want anything to do with YouTube or anything that attracts attention to them, and wanted to live a "normal" life. 

Their channel, with over 700,000 followers, was still up despite the lack of content. 

"I deleted the videos," said Sugu

reported that Sugu admitted to deleting all the videos on Sugu Pavithra's YouTube page due to several personal matters. 

Sugu, who quit his job as a plantation worker after the duo's success, said that they have lost the income from YouTube but that was OK.

"But that is okay, because I have hands, feet, to look for a job. Even before this (becoming a YouTuber), I earned money by working,” he reportedly said, thanking their followers. 

However, after discussions with several parties, the couple has decided to restart their YouTube page. They are expected to post a video by this evening (27 July) at the latest.

Previously, Pavithra became the face of the channel as she spoke well and acted as somewhat of a "host" of the cooking shows. 

Looks like that is no longer the case with the husband making statements instead of her. 

The dispute between the couple reportedly arose after Pavithra, who was born in Ipoh, was given the 'Ipoh Icon' award and not her husband. 

Pavithra later declined to receive the award and retracted her police report against Sugu for hitting her. 

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