Man Flouts Home Quarantine, Causes A New COVID-19 Cluster In Malaysia. Good Job!

You should’ve stayed home.

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Man Flouts Home Quarantine, Causes A New COVID-19 Cluster In Malaysia. Good Job!

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As of late, we’ve been hearing a lot of news stories about people returning to Malaysia who have been flouting their mandatory Home Surveillance Order (HSO) or home quarantine by the Health Ministry.
Some were caught and fined, and it turns out, some tested positive for COVID-19.
And recently, another flouter has been detected and this time, he’s outdone all the other flouters by causing a new COVID-19 cluster in Malaysia – the Sivangangga cluster.

A group of people affected

According to the Health Ministry, a permanent resident returned to Malaysia from India on 13 July and was supposed to undergo his HSO.
The man, however, failed to comply and reportedly tested positive for COVID-19 and has been admitted to the Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital in Kedah.
As a result, 28 of his close contacts were tested and five of them came out positive too.
According to media reports, the man is a restaurant owner and he has infected one of his family members and four of his staff.
Flout HSO, now you're staying here.
All six of them, including the restaurant owner, were reportedly staying in the same house.
MOH added that the restaurant has been closed down for cleaning and disinfection.
Netizens alleged that the man is the owner of a nasi kandar shop in Jitra, Kedah and was seen hanging out at his restaurant upon his return.
In light of recent events, its time we take this pandemic seriously as COVID-19 is literally a matter of life and death. Remember to always practise social distancing, wear a mask properly, and wash or sanitise your hands as often as possible.

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