Do You Really Need To Wear A Face Mask In The Car Or Before Eating? We Finally Have An Answer

Burning questions.

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Do You Really Need To Wear A Face Mask In The Car Or Before Eating? We Finally Have An Answer

Need to wear face mask in car or not?

Now that August has rolled around, it means that we now have to adhere to new standard operating procedures (SOPs):

And often with new SOPs being announced, there will be plenty of confusion.

If you've received WhatsApp messages about a set of new travel SOPs and you don't know if it's true or not, don't worry; this article will iron it out for you.

Confusion all around

A message has been circulating like wildfire on social messaging apps lately, causing confusion and panic among Malaysians.

The message, titled ‘SOP for Travelling Wed 1 Aug’, laid out several new travel SOPs that include wearing face masks while travelling in a private vehicle (escpecially when the occupants have different addresses on their ICs) and diners in restaurants must keep their face masks on and can only take them off when their food is served.

The message further claims that four-seater cars are only permitted to carry half its capacity.

The Communications and Multimedia Ministry (MCMC) has indeed confirmed that these messages are fake news.

It's not real, you guys.
The MCMC said in a statement quoted by Malay Mail that the message was not issued by the National Security Council (NSC).

The phone number +60388882010 listed in the message is also fake.

“The National Security Council denies issuing the circular ‘SOP for Travelling Wed 1 Aug’ along with the MCO Query Phone +60388882010 claiming to ease the flow of information to the public concerning face mask SOPs when in a private vehicle or public transport.

As such, the NSC has urged the public to stop spreading the fake messages, and only trust messages sent by authorities.

One good way to ensure that the messages you receive are not fake news is to check with the Health Ministry’s guidelines and circulars.

It's compulsory now to wear face masks.
Having said that, there are new SOPs taking effect in August: it is now compulsory for you to wear a face mask when you're out in public or when taking public transport.

This one is not fake news, yeah? Those who do not adhere to this will be fined.

Stay safe out there, you guys.

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