Australia’s Victoria State In State Of Emergency After COVID-19 Cases Surge

Sudden spike of cases.

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Australia’s Victoria State In State Of Emergency After COVID-19 Cases Surge

Hang in there Australia!

Australia’s Victoria state is in a state of emergency after COVID-19 cases surged in the region with 671 cases and seven deaths.

Along with it, stricter measures are also being implemented, reported Mothership quoting 9 News.

Rising numbers.

Among the measures include remote learning for schools and a curfew from 8am to 5pm daily except for work, medical care and caregiving.

The report said people who flouted the curfew could be taken to court or fined A$1,652 (RM 4989.45).

"This is a public health bushfire. But you can’t smell the smoke, and you can’t see the flame. This is very different. It is a wicked enemy. It spreads so fast without people even knowing,” said the country’s premier Daniel Andrews as reported by Guardian.

Local transmissions aplenty
A growing number of mystery cases.

Meanwhile, a BBC report quoted Andrews as saying that the origin of many COVID-19 cases were due to security guard who broke lockdown regulations while on duty at hotels used for quarantine purposes.

He then later said that the rate of community transmission, including from mystery cases that could not be traced back to its origin was high in the country.

Many experts say that the resurgence of cases, especially in Victoria was due to relaxed regulations and complacency when it comes to social distancing. 

We hope Australia's numbers start declining soon.

As for us in Malaysia, let's learn from what they are going through and continue to keep our guards up. 

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