Bad Internet Connection In Rural Areas? Thieves And Vandals At Fault Says Deputy Minister

Stealing and damaging cables.

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Bad Internet Connection In Rural Areas? Thieves And Vandals At Fault Says Deputy Minister
Sinar Harian and Bernama

Stealing cables.

Internet issues!

It's the bane of many Malaysians, especially during current times when we are reliant on the internet to sort out work, attend online meetings, participate in virtual classrooms, basically online EVERYTHING lah! 

Buttttttttt... here's what officials have to say about our internet problems you guys. 

It's not that the infrastructure is not there, it's being stolen or vandalised!


Thieves and vandals the core issue

They're stealing and damaging it!

Well, at least this is the case for some rural areas said Deputy Communication and Multimedia Minister Datuk Zahidi Zainul Abidin at parliament. 

"There are cases of copper and fibre-optic wire that are dug up and stolen. There are also times when the generator sets used to power the transmission towers are stolen."

"That is why connectivity is sometimes lost suddenly in some areas," said Zahidi as reported by The Star.

He also said that connectivity in rural areas was quite good at the moment.

Quite good? 


According to the minister, only 20% of the country had no connectivity at all.

He also said that the government would be meeting to formulate a National Digitisation Plan focussed on improving internet connectivity, specifically in the outskirts and rural areas.

Cable theft a nuisanse

Before you chuckle at the excuse given, cable theft is actually quite a huge in Malaysia.

According to a 2018 report by New Straits Times, local utility companies have been losing about RM50 million a year to cable thieves. Madness!


So the next time you have crappy internet, don't go "Bloody (insert name of internet provider)!", say "Bloody thieves and vandals!!!!!!". 

We hope the authorities find a way to stop the stealing cause horrible or no internet is something we just cannot afford in this day and age. 

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