#FindThePooch: Netizens Around The World Are Finding It Hard To Spot A Beagle In This Picture

Where is it?

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#FindThePooch: Netizens Around The World Are Finding It Hard To Spot A Beagle In This Picture
The Movement Control Order (MCO) and similar lockdowns around the world due to COVID-19 has tested our resourcefulness especially when it comes to keeping ourselves entertained.

On social media, people were enthusiastically taking part in fill-in-the-blanks quizzes on Instagram, picture sharing posts on Facebook, maths puzzles on WhatsApp, dance challenges on TikTok and many more. 

Optical illusions were also quite a thing, and one optical illusion has gotten a lot of attention recently, according to a report by The Indian Express

Where is it?

Can you see it?

It's a picture posted by a Reddit used on the r/aww thread.

The picture itself shows a bedroom but the challenge is to find a beagle hiding in plain sight within the picture.

I was frantically looking for my dog for 10 minutes. from r/aww

10,9,8... found it yet? 7,6,5,4,3,2,1... how about now?

It's not as easy as it seems.

Most took quite some time before finally spotting the beagle.


Hiding in plain sight

Still can't find it? We'll share the answer after posting a few more beagle gifs 'cause beagles are SO CUTEEEEEEEEEE!



Now that we've teased you enough, we'll reveal the answer. 

Here's where the cute little pooch is hiding:

Yup, that little thing right there is its cute little snout!

Did you manage to spot the doggo in the end? Now that we've got your attention, here's a cute story about a doggo being hired as a salesperson for a Hyundai dealership in Brazil:

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