Ceiling Price For Masks Might Be Lowered From The Current RM1.20, Minister Says

It's unclear how much of a reduction it will be.

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Ceiling Price For Masks Might Be Lowered From The Current RM1.20, Minister Says

Looking to help those who can't afford it.

Since face masks have been made compulsory in public spaces since 1 August, it has become somewhat of a burden to many, especially those from the lower-income group. 

Bearing this in mind, the government is planning on further reducing the ceiling prices of masks from the current RM1.20 per mask. Only recently was the price was lowered by 30 cents. 

Details to be announced soon 

The concern of high cost of wearing a mask often was brought up by Kota Melaka MP Khoo Poay Tiong at the parliament, Malay Mail reported.

Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Alexander Nanta Linggi responded to the concerns, saying the the government is looking into lowering the ceiling prices of face masks. 

The new rule could be a burden for some.
He said that following feedback from the public, the government has decided to further reduce it. 

With the masks being priced at RM1.20, it is assumed that a person will have to spend about RM36 (RM1.20 x 4) per month. The cost becomes higher for families with a higher usage of face masks, and concerns have been raised that this will impact the B40 group severely. 

Despite the minister's assurance that prices will be lowered, no dates or exact amount has been confirmed. 

We hope that a solution can be found to help the poor keep themselves safe from COVID-19. Perhaps free reusable masks provided by the government, the way Singapore did? 

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