What Has The Covidiot Done? Ministry Now Investigating If Sivagangga Is A Super Spreader Cluster

30 infected, hundreds more being tested

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What Has The Covidiot Done? Ministry Now Investigating If Sivagangga Is A Super Spreader Cluster and BH Online

Spreading the virus.

Remember the covidiot who adamantly decided to go out and about when he was supposed to be under strict home quarantine in Kedah?

Well, now the cluster linked to him a.k.a the Sivagangga Cluster is being studied by the Health Ministry to identify if it's a COVID-19 virus super spreader cluster.


All stemming from an irresponsible covidiot

The 57-year-old restaurant owner/ index patient violated home quarantine and because of his actions, at least 30 people have been confirmed with the virus now. 

Here's his 'chain of spread':
July 13 Covidiot returns from a trip to India.
July 28 Covidiot ignores home quarantine, spotted "hanging out" at his restaurant
July 28 Covidiot's son and four workers contract virus.
July 31 Two customers confirmed with COVID-19.
Aug 1 A 60-year-old woman is confirmed with COVID-19, linked to second-generation Sivagangga cluster.
Aug 2 11 more people including four children aged between 2 and 10 confirmed with COVID-19. Second-generation link to Sivagangga cluster.
Aug 3 Another 64-year-old customer confirmed with COVID-19.
Aug 5 Three women confirmed with COVID-19. Linked to Sivangangga cluster via second-generation transmission.
Aug 6 Six others including a 17-year-old teenage girl and a 5-year-old boy confirmed with COVID-19.

Not only that, the irrensponsible actions of the index covidiot also resulted in 2,351 individuals having to be tested for the virus.

Out of that total, 1,617 have tested negative while another 704 people are still awaiting their results.

Can you imagine that!


Highly infectious cluster

We're studying it.

Health director-general Datuk Dr Noor Hisham said studies were being conducted on the Sivagangga cluster as the rate of virus infections is higher than compared to nine other clusters nationwide.

"We are studying whether we are facing a Genome 614 (G614) cluster, which is a super spreader. There is a huge possibility that it is, but we need to do a detailed study on this."

"We need to culture the virus at the labs and look at its genomic sequence, which had infected the cluster. We have included the Sivagangga PUI Cluster as a targeted group." 

"Screening will be done on those who not only had dined at the nasi kandar shop, but also on people who had been exposed to positive cases and had been within a one-kilometre radius of the premises," he said as report by New Straits Times.

We should learn from this

All of you reading this, learn from it. 

Don't assume that you're ok just because you seem healthy. 

If you've been told to stay at home and self-quarantine, do it. If you have symptoms, see a doctor.

Everytime you go out, wear your fffffffffffffffffffffffface mask! 

Make sure you wash your hands, keep a safe distance from each other, practice good cough and sneeze etiquette and basically just do your part in stopping the spread of COVID-19.

Terima kasih in advance!

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