28 Detained For Hiking Illegally At Broga, Not Following SOPs

Why don't people just listen?

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28 Detained For Hiking Illegally At Broga, Not Following SOPs
The Star


Most Malaysians are degil.

You tell them to self-quarantine, they don't listen.

You relax rules and tell them to follow SOPs, nope, they don't listen.

You put up signboards saying that you are prohibited from hiking, lagi lah they won't listen. 

No entry.

Refusing to follow SOPs

Now let us introduce you to the 28 Malaysians who are part of the degil tahap dewa clan. 

The 28 were recently detained by the cops for breaching the Recovery Movement Control Order's SOPs.

According a report by New Straits Times, Kajang district police chief Assistant Commissioner Mohd Zaid Hassan said the group were detained following checks at hiking trails in the area.

Selfish and adamant.

The group which consisted of Malaysians aged between 20 and 44 were detained for trespassing and hiking in groups without following the SOPs.

"All of them were brought back to the Semenyih police station to have their details recorded; and two were detained under Section 269 of the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Act 1988 for negligence."

"Twenty-six were slapped with the RM1,000 compound each for their participation in a group activity," he said.

The two detained were the organisers of the hike.

A lesson to all

Follow the RMCO regulations.

Mohd Zaki reminded Malaysians that it was still prohibited for hikers to go up Broga.

"This is also a precautionary measure to curb any possible spread of COVID-19 and for their own safety," he said.

So people, please be aware of the restrictions at your favourite hiking spots.

Some places allow entry but you have to strictly follow the SOPs i.e. don't la go in a HUGE group!

Other places don't allow hiking at all so please read up and if you're not sure, ask!


If you main gasak jer, you may just end up paying a hefty fine or spending some time behind bars. 

You choose your fate! Don't say we did not warn you!

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