A Mysterious Woman Has Been Donating Millions Of Ringgit To Local Orphanages After Her Death

Nobody knows who she is.

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A Mysterious Woman Has Been Donating Millions Of Ringgit To Local Orphanages After Her Death

The hero we all need.

There are two types of people in this world: those who do good and they want people to know about it, and those who do good but prefer to stay in the shadows.

This is a heart-warming story of the latter.

Not all heroes wear capes

The New Straits Times reported that a mysterious woman has been donating a portion of her multi-million ringgit estate to several local orphanages over the years.

Here's the amazing bit: the woman had reportedly passed away in 2013.

Nobody knows who she really is, but they only know her as 'Madam W'.

According to the report, Madam W had instructed, as part of her last will and testament, that a portion of her estate be invested and its proceeds be given to said orphanages.

The money will benefit 1,100 orphans.
The trustee in the last will and testament of the testator, Rockwills Trustee Bhd, on Wednesday (13 August) presented a check worth totaling RM189,304.02 -- the profit made from this year's investements -- to 20 orphanages.

That amount would benefit a total of 1,100 orphans, the company said.

Its CEO, Iskandar Hew, told the daily that over the past seven years, her donation has exceeded RM1.1 million!

The profit was distributed evenly between orphanages.
Hew revealed that Madam W wrote in her will that she had wished to use her wealth to help orphans.

"She didn't want to stop at distributing part of her estate for orphanages upon her demise. She wanted more than that – make her money work for the benefit of orphans," he was quoted as saying.

Madam W had instructed the company to "allocate a portion of her estate to be held in trust for the sole purpose of investment".

"Earnings from the investments are then to be utilised for the benefit of orphans," Hew was further quoted as saying.

Although we don't know who Madam W is, we would sincerely like to thank her for doing all she can to help orphans, even after her death. She is, indeed, a real-life hero.

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