Infamous ‘Makcik Gelang Pink’ Fined And Gets Jail Time For Flouting Home Quarantine

Let this serve as a reminder to others.

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Infamous ‘Makcik Gelang Pink’ Fined And Gets Jail Time For Flouting Home Quarantine
Instagram/The Star

Too little to late for regrets, makcik.

A few weeks ago, a photo of an elderly woman eating at a restaurant in Perak while wearing a pink wristband went viral on social media, as she was clearly seen flouting her Home Surveillance Order (HSO).
To make matters worse, she was later tested positive for COVID-19 following her second swab test.
On Friday, the woman was finally brought to the Ipoh Magistrate Court to be charged for defying her home quarantine order.

Fined and jail time

According to The Star, the 72-year-old woman pleaded guilty for the offence and was sentenced to one day in prison and a RM8,000 fine.
If the accused, Nur Emah Mohamad Hashim, fails to pay her fine, she will have to serve a six-month jail term in default.
Previously, Nur Emah returned to Malaysia from the UK in early July, and she was supposed to serve her HSO from 4-18 July.
However, she was spotted having a meal at an eatery in Meru on 6 July, triggering angry responses from netizens.
Makcik Gelang Pink at the Ipoh Magistrate Court.
The incident caused a major backlash amongst Malaysians as many were unhappy that a handful of Malaysians had breached their HSOs but they were not punished for it.
Recently, the man responsible for the Sivagangga Cluster was also sentenced to five months in prison and RM12,000 fine for flouting home quarantine:

So, let this be a warning yeah, guys? If you're ordered to stay at home, then just stay at home lah!

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