Napoh Residents Plan To Sue Man Responsible For Sivangangga Cluster For RM1 Million

A big price to pay for something you could’ve prevented.

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Napoh Residents Plan To Sue Man Responsible For Sivangangga Cluster For RM1 Million
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Well, it must be very traumatising for the residents of Napoh.

Recently, justice was served on a hot plate of nasi kandar when the owner of Nasi Kandar Salleh in Napoh, Kedah was sentenced to five months jail and ordered to pay a fine of RM12,000.
The owner, Nezar Mohamed Sabur Batcha, was charged for flouting his Home Surveillance Order (HSO) upon retuning from India to Malaysia, which eventually caused the massive Sivagangga Cluster.
And it look like his nightmare is far from over, as now he’ll be facing a hefty lawsuit priced.

Suing for damages 

According to the New Straits Times, residents and traders of Napoh are in the midst of filing a RM1 million lawsuit against Nezar for damages sustained following the Sivagangga COVID-19 Cluster.
If only you stayed home earlier on...
Kedah Consumers' Association (CAKE) secretary Mohamad Yusrizal Yusoff said the lawsuit will be filed as a lesson for everyone to not take the home quarantine order for granted.
"Until yesterday, we have managed to gather 100 residents and traders including six non-governmental organisations (NGO) who wish to sue the owner of Nasi Kandar Salleh.”
"We are expecting 50 more residents to join following the advice from law firm Zunun & Co who has offered their services pro bono," he said in a statement today.
Residents had their COVID-19 tests here.
Yusrizal claims that residents have suffered losses of up to RM14,000 per person due to the emergence of the cluster.
He added that the lawsuit was necesaary as the people of Napoh not only suffered monetary losses but some felt that they were shunned by society, outsiders were afraid of befriending them anymore and some couldn’t even go to work.
"Many have exhausted their savings. They were just going to get their lives back in order when the Movement Control Order (MCO) ended but then this happened," Yusrizal said.
Well, we can’t wait to see how this lawsuit will turn out.

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