14-Foot "Demon" Crocodile Terrorising Locals In Indonesia, Caught, Beheaded And Buried

Living in fear.

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What would you do if a 14-foot-long crocodile lived in your neighbourhood and tried to kill everybody in the vicinity?

Sounds like a terrifying scene from a movie kan?

Unfortunately, it's an actual real-life scene at Bangka Belitung Islands in Indonesia.

According to a report in Ladbible, the 50-year-old beast had been terrorising the locals and had attacked several people in the area.

Trapped and killed by locals

Believing that it was a demon, angry locals then started a hunt for it and managed to trap in using nets they had placed in the Kayubesi River.

To ensure the huge crocodile did not escape, the nets were modified with sharp blades, and the creature was left inside it for two days before it eventually died.

Because of its size (it weighed about 500kg), the animal was carried to a burial site in a bulldozer.

The head and body were burried separately. This is because locals believed that the croc was an evil spirit and burying its head separately ensured that it would not come back to haunt them.

Believed to be a huge, angry, demon.

Over 500kgs!

Conservationist’s efforts to persuade the locals to hand over the dead animal to them were also futile.

“There was a belief that the crocodile should not be removed from the village because it is a demon."

“The local beliefs hampered the relocation,” said head of local conservation agency Bangka Belitung Natural Septian Garo.

Demon or not, we hope that the villagers and the croc can finally rest in peace now. 

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