Report: Frozen Chicken Wings In China Test Positive For Coronavirus

The chicken wings were from Brazil.

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Report: Frozen Chicken Wings In China Test Positive For Coronavirus

Be careful of chicken.

The coronavirus is known to spread from one person to another, and in certain mutations, some is even more infectious than others:

However, in China, the virus was reportedly found in frozen food as well!

It's important to sanitise yourself

Even chicken wings can test positive for coronavirus.
According to Bloomberg, samples have been taken from the surface of chicken wings that was imported from Brazil and they tested positive for coronavirus.

The chicken wings reportedly came from an Aurora Alimentos plant in the southern state of Santa Catarina.

Following the test, workers who had handled the frozen chicken were traced and tested, but all the tests came back negative.

Tests conducted on related products also came back negative, the report said.

Brazil’s Agriculture Ministry is reportedly working closely with Chinese authorities to determine and clarify the alleged source of the contamination of the product, it said in a statement. 

The Aurora Alimentos processing plant, meanwhile, said in a statement quoted by the news site that it follows strict sanitary production protocols and it will provide information as soon it gets notification from national Chinese authorities.

This is not the first time the coronavirus was detected in frozen food packages though.

Just last week, three packaging samples of imported frozen seafood also tested positive for COVID-19 in the Chinese city of Yantai.

As such, the Chinese government has asked its citizens to be cautious when buying frozen products.

So, remember to wash your hands and sanitise yourself after you've handled packages, OK?

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