UPDATE: The Man Who Caused Part Of A Police Station To Close Is Not A COVID-19 Patient

He was just a regular patient

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UPDATE: The Man Who Caused Part Of A Police Station To Close Is Not A COVID-19 Patient
Astro Awani

He did not breach quarantine

A 81-year-old man who caused anger and panic among Malaysians when he went to the Sentul Police Station to make a report with a hospital tag is not a COVID-19 patient. 

Last week, the Sentul Police Station was partially closed for sanitation after the man, who was coughing and had difficulties breathing, went there to make a police report.

According to The Star, the man is not a COVID-19 patient, nor was he supposed to be in quarantine.
He was not wearing the pink tag

Quoting Sentul OCPD Asst Comm S. Shanmugamoorthy, the report stated that the only other person at the police station during the time besides a policeman who took the report.

The policeman was concerned as the man was coughing and couldn't breath properly, and was recently hopitalised. 

As such the Kuala Lumpur General Hospital was contacted and the station was ordered to be closed, those in the building to stay inside and sanitation process to be done. 

The hospital later confirmed that the man was not a COVID-19 patient, but was hospitalised for other reasons. 

Went to make a report

Part of Sentul Police Station has been ordered to be closed indefinitely by the Health Ministry. 

The order came after a man, who was supposed to be under mandatory quarantine, visited the station to make a police report.  According to Berita Harian, the foreign national went to the police station to report against several people who assaulted the individual for breaching quarantine order. 

“The complainant, who was wearing a quarantine band at the time, then started coughing and such so we immediately notified the Health Ministry.

“The ministry then ordered the particular section (where the complainant had gone to) to close for the time,” the IGP reportedly said. 

According to the Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Abdul Hamid Bador, only the information counter of the Sentul police station has been ordered to close for sanitisation purposes.

Thankfully, The Star Online reported that the man tested negative for COVID-19.

Guys, please listen to the authorities, OK? The last thing we need is the start of a new cluster.

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