Even The Fastest Man Alive Can’t Outrun COVID-19; Usain Bolt Tests Positive

Speedy recovery!

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Even The Fastest Man Alive Can’t Outrun COVID-19; Usain Bolt Tests Positive
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Guess the Coronavirus caught up with him.

Politicians, celebrities, and public figures, at the end of the day, are all human beings just like us and they too are susceptible of contracting COVID-19.
And the latest figure to be infected by the pandemic is the fastest man in history, Usain Bolt. 

Threw a birthday bash

According to Reuters, the eight-time Olympic gold medalist was recently tested positive for COVID-19 and is currently self-isolating himself at home.
Apparently, the Jamaican threw a big birthday bash to celebrate his 34th birthday last week - with most attendants reportedly not wearing face masks.

Stay Safe my ppl 🙏🏿

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On Tuesday (25 August), the sprinter posted a video of him lying down at home with the caption “Stay safe my people”.
The video was posted prior to his COVID-19 test results and he said that he will be self-isolating himself while waiting for the safety protocols given to him by the government.
Bolt took the test on Saturday (22 August), just a day after celebrating his birthday.
Usain Bolt's signature pose.
Fans and celebrity friends left encouraging comments for the athlete and also wished him a speedy recovery.
So guys, the next time you want to throw a big birthday bash, always remember that COVID-19 still exists and always wear a face mask, practise social distancing, and frequently sanitise or wash your hands.

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