A New Fighting Fish Species Has Just Been Discovered In Sabah

Cool stuff.

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A New Fighting Fish Species Has Just Been Discovered In Sabah

Hey there, little buddy.

It's not every day that we discover a new animal species.

So, imagine how awesome it is when a group of researchers announced that they've discovered a new fighting fish species in Sabah.

Welcome to the club

Welcome to the club, young fella!
According to a report by Astro Awani, the fighting fish species was found in Sabah’s Crocker Range area recently.

The species has been given the name “Betta Nuluhon”, Nur Syafiqah Shamsul Kamal, a research officer from Sabah Forestry Department, said in a statement quoted by the news portal.

“Nuluhon” reportedly means 'hill' in the Dusun language.

Nur Syafiqah has been working closely with the National University of Singapore (NUS) and local non-governmental organisation Forever Sabah when they discovered the new species, which is typically found in shallow, running clear-water streams in western Sabah.

With the discovery of the Betta Nuluhon, there are now five species of fighting fish that are endemic to Sabah, the statement revealed.

Sabah is home to a lot of fighting fish species.
The finding has been published in scientific journal for animal taxonomists, Zootaxa, which was co-authored by NUS' tropical fish taxonomist Dr Tan Heok Hui.

Dr Tan also revealed that in the near future, he anticipates the discovery of a few more species in Sabah under his collaborative work with the Forest Research Centre of the Sabah Forestry Department.

Borneo is currently home to 700 known species of freshwater fish, and we certainly don't mind if a few new species join the family.

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