Notorious Sivagangga Cluster May Come To An End Soon If No New Cases Reported

We can heave a sigh of relief for this cluster.

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Notorious Sivagangga Cluster May Come To An End Soon If No New Cases Reported
Twitter/Berita Harian

Good riddance, to this cluster.

Back in July, a man returning from India to Malaysia caused uproar in the country for not only flouting the mandatory home quarantine, but also for causing a new COVID-19 cluster.
The Sivagangga Cluster has 45 cases and the index case, who is a nasi kandar shop owner, has been sentenced to five months prison and a RM12,000 fine:

According to the Ministry of Health, the cluster that originated in Kubang Pasu, Kedah is only five days away from being declared closed.

Cool down period 

All positive cases have recovered and have been discharged, the Ministry of Health revealed on Wednesday (2 September).

The last two cases were discharged on 9 August.
“The cluster is now on its 23rd day and if there are no new cases reported by the 28th day, the cluster will be ended,” MOH said via its Twitter account.
A period of 28 days corresponds to two COVID-19 incubation cycles, which is the benchmark used by the ministry.
The Tawar Cluster has now overtaken the Sivagangga Cluster, with a total of 75 cases reported in Kedah and Penang and two patients have died to COVID-19.
There are currently 75 cases in this cluster.
Let’s all hope and pray that no new cases will be reported for the Sivagangga Cluster.
Remember, our fight against the pandemic hasn’t end yet so always wear a facemask correctly, practise social distancing, and frequently sanitise or wash your hands.

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