This Scary-Looking Gharial On The Loose Is Terrorising Residents In Miri

Better stay clear.

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This Scary-Looking Gharial On The Loose Is Terrorising Residents In Miri
The Star Online

Don't mind me, just chillin'!

Most often than not, you'll find a mean stray dog terrorising a neighbourhood.

But for one neighbourhood in Miri, the animal that has been terrorising them is far more scary - and dangerous! - than a stray doggo.

A wild gharial appears 

The Star Online reported that residents of a Piasau Jaya housing estate are living in fear after a scary-looking gharial was spotted chilling in the area.

If you have no idea what a gharial is, it is actually a crocodilian with a long, thin snout.

The Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC) has been alerted about the sighting after residents first stumbled upon the creature inside a drain in the on Tuesday (1 September).

Hey, I'm a gharial.
SFC state wildlife controller Zolkipli Mohamad Aton has confirmed that the creature is a gharial, and it's estimated to be two to three meters long.

Wildlife officials are currently hunting it down but unfortunately, the search so far has been futile.

"It is a gharial. We have deployed our SFC rangers to the site.

"However, we are still looking and cannot find it," Zolkipli was quoted as saying.

Maybe he came from here!
According to the report, the housing estate is located next to a big recreation site with a huge lake, with big monsoon drains linking the housing estate to the park.

Let’s hope the authorities find it soon before it finds them.

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