[VIDEO] Heartbroken Mother Elephant Seen Mourning Dead Calf In Johor

This is so sad.

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[VIDEO] Heartbroken Mother Elephant Seen Mourning Dead Calf In Johor
Facebook/Orang Kota - Tinggi

Sorry we're making you cry so early in the day.

Whoever said animals do not have feelings should watch this video.

Recently, road users in Jalan Mawai in Johor were greeted with an unusual scene: an elephant mother mourning the death of her calf.

Heart-wrenching moment

According to a report by Malay Mail, the heartbreaking scene unfolded in Johor on Monday (31 August). 

A motorcyclist who was reportedly riding past was shocked to see an elephant standing by the road side.

We feel so sad for the momma elephant :'(
Curious to see why the elephant was standing in a particular spot, the motorcyclist hopped off his bike to take a closer look.

It was then he realised what had happened: the elephant was helplessly looking at her dead calf.

“Only when I got down from my motorbike, I realised that the elephant was standing beside her dead child,” the man was quoted as saying.

A video of the heart-breaking scene was shared by the Info Roadblock JPJ Facebook page, and it has since gone viral and tugged at the heartstrings of many Malaysians:

Soon after, more heartbreaking videos of the incident started flooding the social media site.

In fact, in one of the videos purported shot by another motorist, the mother elephant can be seen trying to wake the baby elephant up, but her efforts were futile.

This is so heartbreaking, our heart can't take it anymore.

According to Malay Mail, the calf might have been hit by a car when it was crossing the road, as there was a video showing a badly damaged car parked on the other side of the road.

Sigh, we feel so bad for the mother elephant. So sorry this had to happen to you :(

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