In Indonesia, Those Who Don't Wear A Face Mask Are Asked To Lie In A Coffin For One Minute

A glimpse into their future.

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In Indonesia, Those Who Don't Wear A Face Mask Are Asked To Lie In A Coffin For One Minute

Take a look at your future home.

Despite repeated warnings and various punishments, there are those who still do not considering a face mask in public a norm. 

It's not only happening in Malaysia; it seems that other countries are facing the same problems too.

And to combat those who flout the mandatory face mask rule, our neighbour Indonesia has come up with a pretty unique punishment.

Wanna die? Here you go

Your future home?
In Jakarta, citizens who are found guilty of flouting the face mask rule will now be punished by being asked to spend a minute in a coffin, Today Online reported.

According to the report, those caught in public without their face masks are given two punishment options: 1) pay a fine and do community service work or 2) lie in a open casket for one minute.

We wonder how many violators chose option number two.

East Jakarta public order agency head Budhy Novial told the news portal that the aim of the punishment is to scare flouters into regretting their choice of not wearing a face mask in public.

This punishment will give flouters a taste of what it's like to be in a coffin when, you know, you're dead because of COVID-19.

“With the current COVID-19 pandemic situation, there is a risk of them being laid inside a real coffin.

“However, the open casket idea is still a new concept as we are still experimenting whether this approach can help change the public perception towards wearing their face masks,” Budhy was quoted as saying.

The first coffin-lying 'ceremony' took place last Thursday (3 September), and authorities will reportedly be carrying out the unique punishment for a couple more days, according to Budhy. 

We don't know which is scarier: spending a minute in a coffin or spending a week in a haunted house:

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