Deputy Minister Who Accused Veveonah Of Lying Reveals He Got Info From Another Minister

You get the blame, now everybody gets the blame!

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Deputy Minister Who Accused Veveonah Of Lying Reveals He Got Info From Another Minister
Bernama/Veveonah Mosibin

Shame on you, minister.

Recently, the internet was abuzz when Communications and Multimedia Deputy Minister Datuk Zahidi Zainul Abidin accused a Sabahan student for making up the story about her taking her exam on a tree in the parliament.
Long story short, Veveonah Mosibin did in fact tell the truth and this was backed by her fellow coursemates and teachers.
Zahidi eventually apologised for the blunder and admitted that he was “misinformed” by his source. And today, we finally find out who this controversial source is.

Blame game?

According to the Malay Mail, Zahidi revealed that the information was conveyed to him by Kudat MP, Abdul Rahim Bakri, who is also the Deputy Finance Minister.
Hey this meme seems like the perfect picture to describe the situation...
The MP said she was not sitting for her exams when she filmed the video of her sitting on top of a tree trying to find better internet coverage.
Interestingly, now Abdul Rahim says that he got his info from Veveonah’s lecturer.
“We were informed that Veveonah had no exam on that day. The information the MP got was from her lecturer, who is a professor.
Here's the other guy, the Kudat MP.
“Why would the MP lie? So we just believed in the information provided,” Zahidi told a press conference at the Parliament.

Seeking the truth

After apologising to Veveonah, or also known as Veve, Zahidi says he will be travelling to Universiti Malaysia Sabah to meet the lecturer, staff and Veneonah to clear things up.
“If we find that the information was wrong, we apologise ... the lecturer should not have given incorrect information.
“But if it is the opposite, then perhaps it is a misunderstanding... so the issue should not be politicised,” he said.
Despite the apology, netizens aren’t too pleased with how the matter is being managed and how it has turned out to be a finger-pointing fest.
We hope Veve will get justice for being slandered or compensated fairly for the embarrassment and stress she had to endure due to the deputy minister’s false statement.

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