Kudat MP Says Veveonah Has “Hidden Motives” For Climbing Tree; Netizens Outraged

Wow, this story will never end.

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Kudat MP Says Veveonah Has “Hidden Motives” For Climbing Tree; Netizens Outraged
Veveonah Mosibin/Malaysia Dateline

What is going on?!

It seems like the Zahidi-Veveonah-Kudat MP issue is still ongoing, as the one of the members of parliament, who is also the Deputy Minister of Finance, recently published a long statement in regards to Veveonah Musibin’s video on his Facebook page.
Abdul Rahim Bakri says that he was curious and felt that Veveonah had a hidden motive after she uploaded the video on YouTube for the whole world to watch.
He then continued to question Veveonah's reason to climb a tree to take her exams, which was dangerous, as she could easily go to the nearest town to find better coverage if she had put in a little more effort.
The MP also made a list of his achievements throughout his service as Kudat’s Wakil Rakyat.
Abdul Rahim ended the post by saying that, as she is still young, she is bound to make mistakes as she is inexperienced and has a lot of shortcomings.

Malaysians are not at all pleased 

Netizens were fuming after reading Abdul Rahim's post, and took no time expressing their dissatisfaction towards the MP, which led him to delete the post not too long after.
Some Malaysians were appalled that two ministers are making a small issue that shouldn't even exist in the first place worse, while others were disappointed as they felt that there are more pressing issues at hand:
Recently, it was revealed that Abdul Rahim was the source of Deputy Communications and Multimedia Minister Datuk Zahidi Zainul Abidin’s information when he accused the Sabahan student of faking her video content to gain YouTube views in parliament last week.

After apologising, Zahidi has expressed his wish to fly to Sabah to meet with Veveonah and her lecturers so that he could find out the truth.

We hope that the so-called people's representatives would stop ganging up on a student and instead, work hand-in-hand to solve the issue at hand.

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