So What If I'm Blind? S'wakian Woman Loses Job During MCO And Decides To Teach Online Instead

She teaches orphans and refugees.

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So What If I'm Blind? S'wakian Woman Loses Job During MCO And Decides To Teach Online Instead

Losing her job during the Movement Control Order (MCO) lead 29-year-old Sarawakian Ruth Yong Wang Theen to find her true calling - the calling to teach.

Born blind due to premature birth, there were not many opportunities that presented itself when Ruth first lost her job. 

Always with a smile.

"A friend suggested teaching. He said that it was one of those things that I could still do despite my disability."

"He then approached an orphanage and refugee organisation in KL on my behalf, and it just happened," she said when speaking to Rojak Daily.

Ruth said that with the help of a speech software, she conducts her classes via Zoom and they have been great so far.

"I really want to impart knowledge, and with all the advancements in technology, it's really not that hard - even for me," said the communications and psychology graduate from Monash University.

A proud moment.

A surprising personal change

Teaching is not easy - what more teaching kids who you can't see. 

"Is it not challenging?" questioned this writer and Ruth swiftly replied "No la!"

"It's just a different method of teaching. Through my lessons, I have actually grown closer to all my students and it's obvious that they enjoy it."

The magic of technology.

"There was even one time when after two hours of full lessons, they actually asked me to continue for another four hours! Of course, I did not! Too tiring!" laughed Ruth. 

Ruth said that she had grown to love her kids and was glad that she was able to share her knowledge with them.

Inspired and driven

Inspired by Nic.

Ruth said that having a positive spirit and mindset just like her icon Nicholas James Vujicic was key.

"For those who have disabilities like me, don't let that hold you back. 

"I’m sure you all have something that you can do. Don’t take this as a barrier. Find your own passion and move on," she said.

While it was important for people with disabilities to always push forward, Ruth also stressed that a lot more needs to be done to help this group.

"Actually many of my blind friends who are living in Kuching are not educated. They study until Form Five. They become a masseuse or sell tissues but they can do so much more if there are opportunities. 

"It’s important for the government to pay attention and help the disabled - find a way to help us be independent," she said. 

Looking to grow

Class in session.
On her teaching efforts, Ruth says that she hopes to secure more classes in the future. 

"Currently, I am being paid for my lessons via sponsors through the orphanages and the refugee centre.

"I don't mind teaching any age group, just get in touch with me, and I can start lessons through Zoom," she said enthusiastically.

If you'd like a dedicated English or Bahasa Malaysia teacher guiding your child, get in touch with Ruth at 014-6857727.

Trust us, it's probably the best decision you'll make! 

All the best Ruth!

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