Official: Soft Launch Of Proton's New B-Segment SUV Is Happening Next Week

It's time.

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Official: Soft Launch Of Proton's New B-Segment SUV Is Happening Next Week

It is indeed happening.

On Hari Merdeka, local carmaker Proton gave Malaysians a pleasant surprise when they teased their highly-anticipated new B-segment SUV, the Proton X50, in their Merdeka video:

Since then, excited Malaysians have been waiting patiently for the next nugget drop from Proton, and we finally got one.

It is indeed coming

On Tuesday, an exclusive invitation to preview "Proton's new B-segment SUV" was sent out to selected media. 

Proton did not specifically mention the X50 by name in the invite, but considering that the X50 is 1) Proton's upcoming B-segment SUV and 2) it is the industry's worst kept secret, it's safe to assume that the media will be getting a glimpse of the upcoming SUV.

The invitation features a blacked out silhouette of the X50's front grille with the Proton logo and red accent we saw in the teaser video, as well as a pair of headlights.

According to the invite, the media preview is a very exclusive closed door event and is set to happen on 15 September - a day before Malaysia Day.

Among the list of activities lined up during the preview event include a "product demonstration and a special announcement", a product viewing and more interestingly, an official roll out ceremony.

Typically, during a soft launch or a media preview, a rolling out ceremony signifies that a new model has just rolled out of an assembly line and is ready for public viewing.

As official car launches usually happen a couple of weeks after a soft launch, it is safe to assume that the Proton X50 will officially be unveiled to the public by October, which fits the timeline the carmaker gave earlier this year. 

The Proton X50 is based on the existing Geely Binyue, and it will most likely be powered by 1.5-litre turbo mill with a seven-speed dual-clutch box.

The engine is capable of spitting out 177 hp and 255 Nm of torque, and according to Geely, the SUV can go from 0-100km/h in just 7.9 seconds.

Buckle up, guys; exciting times are ahead.

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