[VIDEO] Driver Turns Perodua Myvi Into A SUVl By Flying Over A Kerb At Full Speed

Who needs a pricey SUV, right?

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[VIDEO] Driver Turns Perodua Myvi Into A SUVl By Flying Over A Kerb At Full Speed

Yeah, not a clever thing to do.

Despite being the country's best-selling car, mention the name Perodua Myvi and you'll get plenty of memes on the internet.

The Myvi's reputation is pretty well-known online, with netizens calling it the 'fastest car in the world' due to how powerful and zippy the Myvi is, especially on the highway.

Well, it turns out the Perodua Myvi can also pass off as an SUV.

Look ma, a flying car!

The Myvi is now also an SUV.
A video showing a Perodua Myvi flying over a curb at full speed has gone viral on social media.

The nine-second clip, which was posted online by Facebook user Wong Zhi Zhien, shows the driver of another vehicle approaching a fork on the road, which was divided by a low kerb.

As he reaches the curb, a grey Perodua Myvi can be seen flying past him on the right.

Instead of slowing down like us losers, the driver of the Myvi suddenly swerves to the left and flies over the kerb without slowing down one bit.

To make the scene more dramatic, sparks and dust can seen coming out from the bottom of the vehicle as the driver continues to zoom away like he's pulled the stunt a thousand times before.

Check out the full video below:

According to the time stamp on the video, the flying Myvi was spotted last Saturday (5 September) at around 11.05pm at Taman Tun Dr Ismail.

Netizens were stunned that the driver managed to pull it off, as unlike an SUV, the Perodua Myvi generally does not have the ground clearance to go over a low divider.

We know the Perodua Myvi is a 'legend' in the automotive industry, but we feel like we don't need to remind you that this is not something you should be doing on public roads.

And oh, you should never speed on busy roads too, just in case you're not aware.

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