Australian Drug Syndicate Used Malaysian Flight Attendants To Smuggle Drugs Across The Borders

They were caught

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Australian Drug Syndicate Used Malaysian Flight Attendants To Smuggle Drugs Across The Borders
A drug syndicate in Australia used Malaysian flight crew who worked for Malaysia Airlines and Malindo Air to smuggle drugs, Brisbane Times reported. 

Chronicling a court case, the daily detailed the story of one of the flight attendants who smuggled heroine from Malaysia into Australia hidden in her underwear. 

It is believed that the 40-year-old fight attendant had made at least 20 deliveries of one kilogram of heroine each time since she started getting involved with the syndicate before getting caught during a routine check at the airport in January 2019. 

Hid drugs in her underwear

She smuggled drugs in her bra and pantyhose
The flight attendant had to practice walking with a pillow between her legs for three months before she got the knack for it. 

After three months, she started smuggling heroine in her bra and between her legs (placed in her pantyhose) for a fee of AUD 1700 (about RM 5,000 now) each time.

That doesn't look too comfortable to walk in

She reportedly told the court that she decided to get involved in the scheme to support her sick mother and son. 

The flight attendant was recruited by a colleague. 

The syndicate head in Melbourne, Michelle Ngoc Tran, known as Queen of Richmond, is said to have paid AUD 155,000 (about RM 468,700) for each kilogram "ticket" of heroine and sold it for AUD 195,000 (about RM 590,000). 

She used the profit to pay off those who worked for her and for herself. 

For a "nail technician", Tran seemed to have led a pretty good life. She is believed to have been in the drug business for 30 years and even had her "soldiers" hold her phone for her when she made calls. 

Tran is apparently famous among those in the drug trade and is being charged for trafficking 6.6 kilograms of heroine with street value of up to AUD8 million ( approximately RM24.1 million) as well as seven kilogram of ice and 500 grams of cocaine between October 2018 and January 2019.

Case is still ongoing

The case is still being heard in court, and as such no verdict has been reported. 

Besides the Malaysian flight attendant and Tran, several others from both Malaysia and Australia have been implicated in the case. 

This includes three Malaysians believed to have fled home when the flight attendant did not turn up at the drop off point. 

Well, lucky for the flight attendant, she got caught in Australia. If she was caught in Malaysia, she might be facing the death sentence! 

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