20 Sabahan Students Almost Drowned After Their Boat To School Capsized

Thankfully, no one was hurt.

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20 Sabahan Students Almost Drowned After Their Boat To School Capsized
Astro Awani

Must be a harrowing experience for the kids.

Many of you may have the privilege of riding a car, a motorcycle, or public transportations to school.
But for students in Kampung Tebidong-Bidong, Sabah, their ride to school is a boat and it may be a dangerous journey.

That was proven recently after an unfortunate accident.

Capsized early in the morning 

According to Harian Metro, 20 children aged between six to 12 years old almost drowned when their boat overturned at Sungai Labok.
The incident reportedly took place on Thursday (10 September) at 6.30am when they were crossing the river to get to school, which is typically a five to ten-minute journey.
The place where the incident took place.
When the boat capsized, some students who didn’t know how to swim struggled, but they managed to hold on to the boat while others were swept away by the current.
Locals who saw the whole thing unfold rushed to help the children with their own boats.
“Me and brother in law saw the boat capsize and the children were struggling to keep afloat. We immediately helped them to get to the river bank,” local Hamzah Sahi told the Malay daily.

The boat used to commute to school.
Following the incidents, the victims were traumatised and were afraid to go to school. 

A father of one of the children said he was thankful that everyone is safe.
“We hope that the authorities will look into this matter and help provide the necessary aid.”

But remember not to make a YouTube video though, because a minister might think that you have "hidden motives".

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