177 Students Test Positive For Drugs, Johor Cops Now After The Suppliers

Kill it at the roots.

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177 Students Test Positive For Drugs, Johor Cops Now After The Suppliers
Kids these days!

They are so advanced in almost everything because of the "magic" or "curse" of the internet.

While in secondary school, our biggest concern was probably sitting for SPM (and trying our best not to fail). 

These days, a number of kids, especially in Johor are more concerned about where to get their next high. 

Johor police chief Comm Datuk Ayob Khan Mydin Pitchay revealed that 177 schoolchildren in the state had tested positive for drugs in January alone. 

Drugs an issue in schools.

According to a report by The Star, Comm Ayub said that the cops were now focussed on uncovering the root of the problem - the suppliers.

Earlier, Bernama had reported that 177 secondary school students had tested positive for drugs after 10,132 form four and form five students fom 280 schools were randomly tested.

“Investigations are still ongoing because we (the police) were not informed by AADK. If it is true, we would like to know where they (the students) got their supply from.

“Maybe AADK’s approach is more towards giving counselling to the students but ours is more on the drug network and how far this abuse has penetrated schools, ” he said.

Drug module to be launched soon

Educate and eradicate.

Additionally, the police chief said that the cops would be looking into a new drug education module specifically for primary, secondary and tertiary education students.

He said that the module would be put together by psychologists from Universiti Teknology Malaysia together with members from the police department.

The module is expected to be launched in October. 

In the meantime, if you or a friend have been approached by dealers or you know of any information about the matter, do get in touch with the Johor police at 07-225 4074.

Drugs will ruin your life. There is just no two ways about it. 

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