Seriously? Netizens Cannot Brain This Company's 21 Point Job Advert For A New Designer

As for the pay, you'll laugh when you find out.

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Seriously? Netizens Cannot Brain This Company's 21 Point Job Advert For A New Designer

That's the key to almost any job these days, and it's understandable as times are bad, tech is taking over, and people are just expected to do more.

But there is a limit lah. 

And the limit my friend was grossly crossed by Lot 10 recently. 

Netizens were both amused and angered when the company posted a job recruitment advert for a graphic and multimedia designer which included 21 key responsibilities.

Yup, 20 freaking 1!

Agreeing to a pay of between RM2,500 to RM5k, the potential candidate (whom we can only imagine to be a human, octopus cross-breed who also possesses Hermoine Granger's Time Turner) has a truck load of responsibilities.

Read on below:

The list.
The list continues.

Netizens outraged and amused

Done reading? 

Ridiculous right? That's exactly what a lot of netizens thought. 

Many commented about how the responsibilities looked like it was more suitable for a whole agency as opposed to one person. 

Others said that the pay was ridiculously low and expectations should be more realistic. 

Here are a few other comments on the post. 

This one is our ultimate favourite:

Honestly, you really can't blame netizens especially those with design backgrounds to be pissed off by this. 

Creativity and talent should be valued.

Unfortunately, it's not only this company but many other companies who demand so much and pay peanuts especially to creatives who are just entering the job market.

Pay them what they deserve and be reasonable with the job responsibilities lah

Don't ask for a Beemer when you're only willing to pay for a Kancil. 

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