Johor Hopes To Build An Air-Conditiond Walkway On Its Side Of The Causeway

Singapore seems to be on board too.

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Johor Hopes To Build An Air-Conditiond Walkway On Its Side Of The Causeway
If you live in Johor Bahru and travel to Singapore often, you know about the epic jams that could build up on the Malaysia-Singapore Causeway.

Thousands and thousands of Johoreans travel to Singapore to work on a daily basis and the border crossing sees more than 350,000 travellers daily.

That is a LOT of people.

A more comfortable way to get across.

So when peak time comes and traffic is terrible, fed-up travellers will resort to walking across the Causeway instead. 

It's only slightly over a kilometre long and honestly walking is waaaaaaaaaaaay faster that traffic jams that sometimes last 3 to 4 hours!

A more comfortable walk soon

In dire need for an upgrade.

Anyway, some great news for frequent Causeway travellers, the Johor government is planning to build an air-conditioned walkway on it's side of the crossing soon.

Johor public works, infrastructure and transport committee chairman Mohd Solihan Badri said that the state had initially asked for RM15mil, but due to upgrades in the design which will include escalators and air conditioning, the amount has doubled.

The walkway will stretch 350m and end at the Singapore border.

Mohd Solihan also said that the Singapore government has shown positive signs that they will extend the walkway on their side of the Causeway.

Hopefully everything goes as planned!

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