Local Celebrity Preacher Sets Up Food Banks At His Mini Marts To Help Those In Need

Bless him!

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Local Celebrity Preacher Sets Up Food Banks At His Mini Marts To Help Those In Need
Facebook/Ebit Liew

Stepping up his charity game.

We seriously need more kind-hearted people like him.

After setting up several mini marts to help those in need, celebrity preacher Ustaz Ebit Lew further steps up his aid by setting up food banks in his Elews Mart outlets.

Helping those in need

According to a report by Malay Mail, the preacher, whose real name is Ebit Irawan Ibrahim Lew @ Lew Yun Pau, announced on Facebook that the food banks would be placed at all of his Elews Mart outlets.

Ebit said that the food bank is free for all those who need it, regardless of race and religion.

“This is my earlier intention when opening Elews Mart. Wanted an Elews Mart branch in every area. And a food bank in each Elews Mart.

"Those who are in need just take. It is free. Without taking into consideration race and religion. Those who want to give are also welcomed. The items will be placed on this shelf at Elews Mart,” he wrote.

He recounted the days when he was so poor, he did not had money to buy any food.

“All my salary was given to my parents in kampung as my family was poor at that time. Then there was once someone placed RM2 into my pocket.

"I was happy beyond words as I got to eat rice,” he added.

The preacher is no stranger when it comes to charity work and helping those in need.

In fact, Elews Mart outlets were set up by the preacher earlier this year to help ease the burden of the needy by offering household essentials at affordable prices.

Previously, he had also launched a free ambulance and hearse van service for those who need such services.

Thank you, preacher Ebit Lew, for always thinking of the less fortunate. We need more people like you in this world.

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