Mowgli Malaysia Saddened By Sudden Death Of 36 Buffaloes

This is so sad.

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Mowgli Malaysia Saddened By Sudden Death Of 36 Buffaloes
Muhammad Syukur Khamis who is known as ‘Mowgli Malaysia’ had to face a heart-wrenching situation recently when his beloved buffaloes started dying recently.

Syukur, who became a sensation in the country after the photos of his bond with his father’s buffaloes went viral on social media, shared his feelings on Facebook.

A unique bond.

He said that he was saddened as 36 buffaloes reared by his family suddenly started dying. 

There was even one incident when 11 died at one time.

According to a report by Malay Mail quoting a report in Sinar Harian, at first, Syukur thought the buffaloes had been poisoned.

Not due to poisoning

However, an investigation by the Terengganu’s Veterinary Services Department revealed that it could be due to Haemorrhagic Septicaemia.

“Highly probable the buffaloes had died from Haemorrhagic Septicaemia, but the final result can only be obtained in two weeks,” said his father Khamis Jusoh.

It must be really tough for poor Syukur.

Fortunately, his favourite buffaloes, Samek and Along are still healthy and have been vaccinated.

Hang in there Syukur!

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