[PHOTOS] Malaysian Man Finds Stolen Phone And Discovers Selfies Of Monkey!

The monkey took videos and pictures of the jungle too!

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[PHOTOS] Malaysian Man Finds Stolen Phone And Discovers Selfies Of Monkey!

It happens. 

Losing or having your phone stolen is not uncommon, especially since its the one accessory that we bring along almost everywhere.

When it does get stolen, you can be sure that the culprit is human, well almost sure.

A Malaysian man who recently lost his phone was surprised to find that the thief was not human. 


According to a report in Malay Mail, Twitter user Zackrydz said he discovered that his had been stolen while he was sleeping at home.

“It’s impossible to say there was a break-in as all the stuff inside my house is still there, and there are no signs of anyone having broken in.”

“And if it was stolen by a thief, why would the thief leave the casing under the bed and take off with the phone?” he wrote on his Twitter thread.



A surprising find

He also tried using the remote location phone tracking app but still couldn’t find his phone as it was offline.

After almost two days of searching, Zackrydz finally found it near a forested area close to his home.

But that was not the shocking part. 

After a quick check, Zackrydz found strange selfies and videos taken by the "thief" which ended up being a monkey!

Monkey business.

“I checked my phone’s gallery and found out my phone was ‘stolen’ by a monkey.”

“I don’t know when there was a monkey living in my housing area but damn you monkey, you’ve made my life miserable for the past couple of days,” he wrote.

What a cheeky monkey!

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