This Sandakan Bus Stop Offers Free Solar-Powered Wi-Fi All Day, Err Day!


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This Sandakan Bus Stop Offers Free Solar-Powered Wi-Fi All Day, Err Day!
Don't be surprised if you notice a lot more people waiting at this bus stop in Sandakan. 

Why the influx of people?

Well, the Kim Fung Bus Stop at Mile 4 is the first bus stop in Sabah to offer free Wi-Fi.

Cool kan?!

Lagi cool is the fact that the Wi-Fi facility is powered by solar energy.

But it does not go off when the sun goes down lah.

According to a report by Borneo Post, the solar energy is stored, allowing Wi-Fi at the bus stop to operate for 24 hours.

Additionally, the bus stop also has USB ports for you to charge your phone. 

And there's more...

People at the Kim Fung Market, which is right where the bus stop is located can also access the Wi-Fi services and there is even a phone there which allows them to make free calls.


The whole thing was put together following a collaboration between Warisan Plus Elopura's candidate Calvin Chong Ket Kiun and a private company.

“The facilities are open to the public. The free phone call service would allow people to make urgent phone call without being charged," said Calvin adding that 100 people could benefit from the Wi-Fi facility at one time.

“This initiative also supports the use of e-wallets such as Boost by vendors at the market, without needing to pay for internet access," he said.

Looks like Calvin is pushing things towards the right direction for the people in Sandakan.

Hopefully, we get something similar set up in other places in the country too.

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