If You've Had Dengue Fever Before, Good News; You May Be Immune To Coronavirus

The study was made exclusively available to Reuters

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If You've Had Dengue Fever Before, Good News; You May Be Immune To Coronavirus

Have you been diagnosed with the dengue fever before?

If yes, you might be immune to the coronavirus.

That’s exactly what was revealed in a recent study by professor Miguel Nicolelis from Duke University who analysed the COVID-19 outbreak in Brazil recently.

He actually found a connection between the virus and dengue.

Dengue related to coronovirus?

A bite that can help you?

Mashable SEA reported that the study which surveys geographic distribution of the virus and the spread of dengue in 2019 and 2020, was exclusively shared with Reuters.

The study found that places with lower coronavirus infection and growth rates were also places that suffered dengue outbreaks in recent times.

Dengue connected to COVID-19?
"This indicates that there is an immunological interaction between two viruses that nobody could have expected, because the two viruses are from completely different families."

"If proven correct, this hypothesis could mean that dengue infection or immunization with an efficacious and safe dengue vaccine could produce some level of immunological protection against the coronavirus," he said.

So if this study is true, maybe people will be wishing to be bitten by the Aedes mosquito next? 

Better to fight dengue then fight COVID-19 kan? kan

We also don't know lah! 🤷 🤷 🤷 🤷 

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