Newscaster ‘Interviews’ Empty Seat After Health Minister Rejects Invite To Speak On COVID-19

What a bold move!

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Newscaster ‘Interviews’ Empty Seat After Health Minister Rejects Invite To Speak On COVID-19
Often, journalists or newscasters have to face rejection when it comes to fixing interviews with the required people.

This is especially true if the subject matter is a VIP.

While most journalists would just deem it as bad luck and perhaps try again in the future, one very fed up Indonesian journalist decided to still go ahead with the interview even without the VIP present. 


Indonesian newscaster Najwa Shahib wanted to interview the country’s Health Minister Terawan Agus Putranto about the COVID-19 pandemic but Terawan declined her invite.

A bold move.

Not giving up, Najwa went on to host the interview with an empty chair on the popular news programme Mata Najwa.

Important to get information right from the source

She also called him the “most low-profile health minister” in the world during the programme, reported Malay Mail.

The bold move resonated with social media users, especially after Najwa took to Twitter to channel her frustration with people supporting her via the hashtag #MataNajwaMenantiTerawan.

In her tweets, she said Terawan didn’t reply her repeated invitations to appear on the show while other government officials had appeared before to discuss about the pandemic.

She added that it seems that the health ministry was reluctant to speak about the topic.

“This invitation (to Terawan) is not a challenge or the like, but it is a hope that the information and policy of handling this pandemic can be obtained directly from the authorities.

“The public needs to listen to the government's plan to address the pandemic that has been going on for the past six months.

“There is a lot of work to be done, but it can all start with showing up. Mr Terawan, you can decide the place and time,” Najwa wrote.

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