“At First I Was Negative, But Now I’m Positive” – Ayer Limau ADUN Upon Returning From Sabah

Maybe you should’ve self-quarantined in the first place?

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“At First I Was Negative, But Now I’m Positive” – Ayer Limau ADUN Upon Returning From Sabah
Amiruddin Yusof Facebook

Nasi sudah menjadi bubur.

It seems that the government’s decision to not impose the mandatory 14-day quarantine for those returning from Sabah may turn out to be quite costly for the country.
Ayer Limau assemblyman Datuk Amiruddin Yusof was one of the many politicians who flew to Sabah to campaign for the state elections, but he took the mandatory COVID-19 swab when he returned on Saturday (26 September).

False negative 

According to Harian Metro, the ADUN said he was initially tested negative and even had his pink wristband removed by the health district office, but it turns out that he was tested positive four days later.
Amiruddin says that the Alor Gajah health district office has admitted that it was a mistake from their end.
“When I was informed that I was negative, I immediately came to the health district office to get my pink tag removed on Tuesday. But then I was informed that I’m positive the next day. The thing is, I’ve met a lot of people and ran some errands during that period,” the ADUN told the Malay daily.

The BN politician also uploaded a photo of him getting his wristband removed, but the image has now been deleted.
He has been admitted to the Melaka Hospital for treatment.
Amiruddin campaigning in Sabah.
Amiruddin’s wife and kids were ordered to take the test and is now undergoing quarantine while waiting for their results.
Following the news, many netizens were unhappy as this incident has demonstrated the importance of the 14-day quarantine.

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