[VIDEO] Fed Up Motorcyclist Releases Fishes Into Often Flooded Motorcycle Lane Along Federal Highway

Strong message.

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[VIDEO] Fed Up Motorcyclist Releases Fishes Into Often Flooded Motorcycle Lane Along Federal Highway
Facebook/Majalah Kapcai TV

That's one way to get the attention.

Motorcyclists who often frequent the Federal Highway must be familiar -- and we're pretty sure, frustated -- with the motorcycle lane along the highway that's always flooded every time it rains.

In fact, the flooding happens so often in the lane that it has become a norm now.

However, one motorcyclist decided to take matters into his own hands by sending across a very strong message.

Sarcasm +100

In a series of videos that have gone viral on social media, the man decided to release fishes into the flooded motorcycle lane, which he describes to resemble a ‘pond’ near Subang Jaya, to get his message across!

Two videos of the man releasing the fishes were posted on the Majalah Kapcai TV Facebook page.

In one of the videos, the man promised to open a ‘fish pond’ near the area.

”We want to make an announcement to those who like to fish that we will be opening a fish pond here next to the Federal Highway near Petronas Subang area.

“Maybe tomorrow we will release the fishes and this will be a special fish pond at Klang Valley as it is next to the highway. Maybe three or four months later we will be able to fish here.”

Oh, and the man wasn't done ranting.

In the latest video cheekily titled 'Majlis Pelepasan Anak Ikan di kolam tepi haiwey federal', the man was seen carrying out the act where he brought four packets of fishes - puyu, carp, snakehead and tilapia - to be released into the flooded road.

“After this, we can do a fishing competition here. Maybe it will become a new tourists’ attraction in Klang Valley. Let us wait for maybe four months,” he wrote in the post.

We have to say, that’s a creative way of getting the message across to the authorities. Hope they do something about it!

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