Why No Pink Band On Muhyiddin's Wrist? PM's Office Says MOH Never Gave Him One

Did someone say no double standards?

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Why No Pink Band On Muhyiddin's Wrist? PM's Office Says MOH Never Gave Him One
Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin's latest address on COVID-19 in the country was the talk of the town yesterday evening. 

"Abah", "Rotan", "No double standards" were all trending topics on Twitter after it was used by Muhyiddin in his speech. 

Many netizens also brought up the issue that the Prime Minister was not wearing the required pink wristband usually given out to those under home quarantine. 


Geng gelang pink

Pink bands and several other colours including blue, white, red and yellow are given out to anyone undergoing quarantine in Malaysia.

Yes, there are a number of colours but the pink bands are the mooooost common lah

On the band, the name of the person, place and date are written down before it is put on the individual undergoing quarantine. 

Individials with bands are prohibited from leaving their homes during the quarantine period and the band will only be cut off by health officials once the quarantine period ends.

In fact, Malaysians have even been encouraged to report to the police if they noticed "banded" people walking about in public spaces.

So, what we're trying to say is that that pink band is penting.

Where's the PM's pink band?

Because there has been so many reports stressing the proper use of the band, it's no wonder netizens were annoyed to see the Prime Minister without it. 

His office later issued this statement.

The statement basically began with the office stating that Muhyiddin did not wear the pink band as it was just not given to him by the Ministry of Health (MOH).

"In reference to the wearing of the surveillance bracelet issue by Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, it should be noted that was not given a surveillance bracelet by the Ministry of Health (MOH).

"Based on the risk assessment made by MOH officers on 5 October, the PM was advised to undergo self-quarantine and undergo self health monitoring at home every day for 14 days using the home assessment tool in the MySejahtera application. He was not required by MOH to wear a surveillance bracelet.

"Therefore, the allegation that the PM violated the MOH directive is not true," read the statement.

The statement went on to say that Muhyiddin's first test came back NEGATIVE and COVID-19 tests done on 22, 26 and 29 September also came back NEGATIVE.

(We're not shouting, that's what the statement said. NEGATIVE in CAPS)

In summary, the whole issue seems to be pretty contradicting to Muhyiddin's "no double standards" statement yesterday.

What do you think you guys? Was the explanation good enough? Should the PM be wearing the pink band anyway? 

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