“My Dad Is Gone” – Heartbreaking Video Of Fisherman Found At Sea Will Make You Cry

This is so devastating.

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“My Dad Is Gone” – Heartbreaking Video Of Fisherman Found At Sea Will Make You Cry
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What a bittersweet ending.

The sea is a wonderful, dark mystery. There are days where it can be kind to you and there are days that it can be very unforgiving.
Recently, a fisherman had the most harrowing experience at sea after he was found adrift there by a group of men in Selangor.
The fisherman, who was seen clinging for his life on a white floating object pleaded for help to the group.
When asked what had happened to him and how he got there, the fisherman said that he was from Tanjung Sepat and his boat had capsized.
“Bapa saya dah tenggelam (my dad is sunk under the water)the fisherman said sadly while he was rescued.
According to one of the men who rescued him, Mohd Sufi, he and his friend found the fisherman at around 4.50pm on Thursday (8 October) while making their way back to shore.

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Posted by Mohd Sufi on Thursday, 8 October 2020

The victim and his father’s boat sank at around 10am, which meant that he had been afloat at sea for over six hours. It is unclear when his father went missing.
As soon as they reached the Batu Laut Jetty, an ambulance immediately brought the victim to the Banting Hospital for treatment.
He suffered minor injuries while his father, unfortunately, has not been found yet.
Netizens who watched the video were heartbroken to find out what had happened to the victim’s father but were glad that he was safe.
We hope the authorities will find the fisherman’s father soon and we applaud the group of men who helped save his life.

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