Authorities Confirm Perak Retired Teacher Hoarding Rubbish Is Actually Mentally Sane

They’ve offered help to her.

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Authorities Confirm Perak Retired Teacher Hoarding Rubbish Is Actually Mentally Sane

See the difference!

Not too long ago, reports surfaced that an elderly woman in Ipoh, Perak had been hoarding rubbish to an unimaginable amount for over a decade.
The retired teacher’s unusual habit has caused her neighbours in Taman Bersatu, Simpang Pulai to suffer with the foul stench and mosquitos for so long.
Some say that she’s suffering from a mental disorder but according to a report from the New Straits Times, it says otherwise.
Even her car is full of rubbish.

Mental test carried out

The English daily reported that a depression anxiety stress scales (DASS) test was carried out on the teacher on Monday (12 October) and the results revealed that she was “stable and normal”.
State exco Ahmad Saidi Mohamad Daud said that although she had been certified to be mentally sound, the psychiatrist noted that woman had a chronic hoarding disorder as she obsessively collects recyclable discarded items.
"From the counselling session, the woman told us she would wake up early in the morning to collect rubbish and sell the recyclable items found.
"At this stage, the psychiatrist believes that this is probably due to habitual action. She wakes up early every day and starts to collect rubbish at 8am. If there is nowhere to sell the rubbish, she would dump them at her home.
The retired teacher in front of her house.
"We are not only focusing on her physical but mental health as well. We conducted a DASS test today, and based on answers given by her, her depression, anxiety and stress levels are normal," he said.
Another clean up at her home will be happening soon and her counseling session will be scheduled at least once a week for now.
On Friday, the Ipoh City Council (MBI) carried out cleaning works at her double story home and helped clear a whopping 4.8 metric tonnes of garbage.
Among the piles of garbage collected were food, plastic bags, cardboard boxes, tin cans, plastic and glass
One of her neighbours reportedly contracted dengue after the garbage pile attracted a large number of mosquitos.

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