S'gor, KL, Putrajaya CMCO: Pasar Malam, Dine-Ins, Non Contact Sports Allowed, Other SOPs Released

Reducing the confusion.

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S'gor, KL, Putrajaya CMCO: Pasar Malam, Dine-Ins, Non Contact Sports Allowed, Other SOPs Released
After the announcement was made on the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya, comments flooded social media channels with many confused about what's allowed and what was not. 

Panic buying started at many supermarkets in the area and hours before it's implemented Senior Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob has finally announced more details on the SOPs.

For those of you that don't know, the CMCO starts in the said areas at 12.01am 14 October and will go one for two weeks.

Elaboration on SOPs

Here are the updated SOPs:

1# Police will be responsibile for local movement control together with officials from the army, APMM and RELA.

2# Only two people from each family is allowed to go out of the house for the purpose of getting food supplies and other necessities.

3# High-risk individuals, including the elderly and children, are not encouraged to go out, especially to public places.

4# Travelling in and out of the district or state is not allowed except for emergencies including deaths, funerals and you are unwell. You will need to get permission from the police.

5# Employees can cross districts or state for work purposes if they have a work pass or letter from the employer. It is recommended that you get a letter to ascertain the location of your office and reduce problems when stopped at roadblocks. Employers have been encouraged to allow staff to work from home.

6# Employees working and travelling within the same district do not need letters from their employers.

7# Employees needing to cross states or districts for work (i.e. from Johor to Kedah) is allowed. They will need to get permission from the police to do so. PDRM has also been asked to set up online approvals for this purpose. 

8# Those needing to cross districts or states to travel to the airports such as KLIA1, KLIA2 and Subang Airport will need to get permission from the police. It is advised for travellers to get permission from the police first before making flight bookings.

9# Economic activities are allowed. Restaurants, eateries, food trucks, street food vendors, kiosks, convenience stores and others will be allowed to operate from 6am to 10pm.

10# Drive-thru and takeaways are encouraged. Eating-in is also allowed but only two to a table which adhering to strict SOPs.

Table for two.

11# Markets are allowed to operate. Operation times are: Daily markets (6am to 2pm), pasar borong (6am to 2pm), pasar tani (6am to 12pm), pasar malam (4pm to 11pm). RELA officials will be around to ensure that SOPs are followed.

12# Petrol stations are allowed to operate from 6am to 10pm. Petrol stations along highways are allowed to operate 24hours.

13# Vehicles transporting workers will be allowed to operate as usual. They will have to adhere to existing COVID-19 SOPs.

14# Hospital and clinics are allowed to operate for 24hours.

15# Pharmacies and medicine shops are allowed to operate from 8am to 11pm.

16# Economic and industrial sectors are allowed to operate according to the existing COVID-19 SOPs.

17# All vehicles related to the industrial sectors are allowed to operate. This includes vehicles crossing through state borders.

Food supply industries allowed.

18# Sectors related to food including agriculture, agroculture etc allowed to operate.

19# Airports and ports will be allowed to operate.

20# For mosques and other Islamic religious institutions, 6 jemaah including the imam will be allowed in the area during the five prayer times. For other religious institutions, 6 people will be allowed as well. This may differ slightly from state to state as it falls under state jurisdiction.
21# Recreational and cultural activities are not allowed.

22# Night clubs, pubs, amusement parks, cinemas, indoor playgrounds and other related activities are not allowed.

23# Individual sports and non-contact sports will be allowed with a maximum of 10 people. Swimming, contact sports and sporting events will not be allowed.

Exams to continue.

24# Educational institutions, including higher learning institutions, private institutions, schools, kindergartens, daycare centres will not be allowed to open. For those sitting for international exams at international schools, IPTA and IPTS, they will be allowed to sit for their exams but no schooling periods.

25# Seminars, courses, conventions (MICE activities) will not be allowed. If they are already taking place, they can continue but participants will need to follow strict SOPs.

26# Dinners, engagement parties, birthdays, reunions, weddings and other social events are not allowed.

27# Tourism outside and into CMCO areas are not allowed.

Did the minister cover it all? 

Is there some other SOP that you are confused with or they have yet to announce? Let us know in the comments.

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