MACC: High Profile Macau Scam Suspect Escaped By Jumping Over Building Fence, Netizens Not Buying It

How did he escape a building with high security and walls?

  • Thursday, 15 October 2020
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MACC: High Profile Macau Scam Suspect Escaped By Jumping Over Building Fence, Netizens Not Buying It
NST/Bebas News

The great escape

Remember the Macau Scam story involving a 'Datuk Seri', his wife, local celebrities and even cops that have been making headlines recently?

Well, a few days ago, one of the suspects, who was out on bail, reportedly escaped from the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) building just before his rearrest under the Prevention of Crime Act (POCA) 1959.

A report by The Star revealed that the suspect climbed a "side gate" and fled.


That's not the weirdest part though.

There are plenty of conflicting reports about the case.

First of all, we're not even sure who escaped? Harian Metro reported that it was the main suspect who is a 'Datuk Seri' while Bernama indicated that it was another suspect.  

We're not sure where the side gate is, but the building sure looks secure

An attempt to explain what happened

So, reports say that the escapee along with other suspects had driven (they didn't drive, their driver drove them) to MACC to settle documentation and bail related stuff. 

The group of suspects, escapee included, however, refused to get down from the car but sent their lawyer to go in and settle everything for them.

This was allegedly because they had seen police outside the MACC office (and they possibly knew that they were going to be arrested soon).

We're not sure why MACC agreed to allow the suspects to stay in the car, especially since they were involved in such a high profile case, but it happened lah

Anyway, it is believed that the suspect left the car at some point between the car being parked within the MACC compound and reaching the main gate with the help of two bodyguards.

Police only realised that he had fled when the car reached the main gate.

Pelik bin strange right?

"CCTV footage showed that he had climbed over a side gate with the help of the two bodyguards and another car was seen waiting by the roadside to help him flee the scene," The Star reported. 

We're not sure what the cops, security and MACC officers were doing when all this was happening btw.


Netizens are wondering how it could have happened

After the "escape" made headlines, pictures of the MACC building with high walls and barbed wires have surfaced on the internet, with many flabbergasted as to how anyone could have climbed over the it. 

Even if the suspect did climb the side gate, why was it so easy to breach?

What's the point of high walls and barbed wires if someone can just use the gate right?

Whatever it is, we hope the authorities will arrest the suspect soon and tighten the security at the MACC building because things like this just should not happen!

Cops right outside and the suspect cooly escapes? Adoooi, waterface all gone!

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