Former US Jail Wardens Face Charges For Forcing Inmates To Listen To "Baby Shark" On Repeat

No worse punishment.

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Former US Jail Wardens Face Charges For Forcing Inmates To Listen To

No, no more "Baby Shark", please!

When you're dealing with hardened criminals, there are not many punishments out there that would work on them.

Except for one - locking them in a room and playing the super annoyingly infectious "Baby Shark" song on repeat.

In fact, it worked so well that several jail wardens are facing cruelty charges.

Death by "Baby Shark"

According to a report by The New York Times, the three jail wardens named Christian Miles, Gregory Butler and Christopher Hendershott forced inmates at an Oklahoma jail to repeatedly listen to the “Baby Shark” song.

Quoting affidavits, the report said detention officers Miles and Butler, both 21 years old, forced five inmates into an empty attorney visitation room.

They then reportedly handcuffed the inmates against the wall, forced them to stand for as long as two hours, and played “Baby Shark” on repeat.

While the duo were torturing the inmates, their supervisor Hendershott, 50, just looked on.

The New York Times reported that the incidents took place on at least five occasions in November and December.

The infectious children song was said to be "a joke between Miles and Butler", and it seems like they took the joke too far because now they're being charged for it.

For the offence, the former jail employees have been charged with cruelty to prisoners, corporal punishment to an inmate and conspiracy.

Oklahoma County district attorney David Prater told the news portal that the three had acted “conjointly, willfully and wrongfully” in a “cruel or inhuman manner” when they subjected inmates to the punishment.

It was also mentioned that Butler and Miles resigned during the internal investigation while Hendershott was retired.

Who knew "Baby Shark" would be the subject of a torture, right?

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