KKM Confirms 1 Utama Cluster Now Has 132 Cases Which Includes Mall Customers And Staff

The ministry has put an end to all the confusion.

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KKM Confirms 1 Utama Cluster Now Has 132 Cases Which Includes Mall Customers And Staff
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The cluster has been confirmed by the MOH.

On Thursday (15 October), drama was brewing between the 1 Utama shopping mall management and the Petaling District Disaster Management Committee after the committee released a statement that there were 63 cases and then updated it to 105 cases from the mall.
The mall came forward to deny the figures and said that the number of security guards were not counted as their infection did not originate from the mall.
Mass confusion ensued among Malaysians and finally, the Ministry of Health has stepped forward to clarify the matter.
Health Director General Tan Sri Noor Hisham Abdullah says that there is now a total of 132 cases from 1 Utama or known as the Utama Cluster.
“These cases involved 107 non-Malaysian citizens and 25 Malaysians,” Noor Hisham Abdullah said in his daily press briefing.
The Utama Cluster is made up of security guards (87), cleaning workers (18), mall employees (16),  mall customers (6), and family members of patient #12,549 (5).

131 cases were detected in Selangor and one in Malacca.
The ministry initially thought patient #12,549 was the index case for the cluster but after investigations, patient #15,023 has been determined to be the index case.

“The index case for this cluster ― case 15,023 ― is a 28-year-old male citizen of Nepal who is a security personnel in one of the shopping malls in the Petaling district,” he said.
“The index case began to experience symptoms such as fever, cough and flu since September 22 and was tested positive on 8 October through a close contact screening and has been admitted to Sungai Buloh Hospital for treatment.”
Well, perhaps it’s time other shopping malls follow suit and conduct mass testings too?

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