Police Release Identity Of Macau Scam "Wall Jumper" Who Escaped From MACC Recently

He's not a 'Datuk Seri'

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Police Release Identity Of Macau Scam
Remember the guy who mysteriously climbed over a "side gate" of Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission headquarters and disappeared?

Well, if you don't know the story, read here: 

Many thought that the escapee was the main suspect in the case - a 'Datuk Seri', but the police have released a "wanted" poster with the identity of the person and the cases against him. 

One of the many suspects in the Macau Scam case

Goh Leong Yeong is a wanted man
You know what to do if you know where he is
Turns out, the name of the suspect who made the great escape is 32-year-old Goh Leong Yeong. 

His last known address is Miharja Condo, Cheras. 

Not only was Goh one of the suspects in the Macau Scam case, he is also wanted for three online gambling cases in Cheras. 

He is also believed to be behind an online gambling racket in Kuala Lumpur. 

If you see him anywhere or know of his whereabouts, you can contact Cheras CID chief Deputy Supt Ahmad Zamri Jai at 012-899 3622 or investigating officer Insp Muhamad Faizal Asuar at 017-312 6411 or contact any police station.

What you should not do is ask him for jumping tips. 

All jokes aside, don't try and apprehend him yourself ya. Just call the authorities if you have any info on Goh. 

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