[VIDEO] Cute Clip Of Subang Jaya Man Moving Neighbours’ Clothes Away From The Rain Goes Viral

How thoughtful!

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[VIDEO] Cute Clip Of Subang Jaya Man Moving Neighbours’ Clothes Away From The Rain Goes Viral
Facebook/Nur Syazana Izham

Such a kind-hearted neighbour.

As much as we want to, you can't choose your neighbours.

If you're unlucky, you're stuck with unruly neighbours for life (urgh).

But if you're lucky, you'll get a sweet and caring neighbour just like this man from Subang Jaya.

What neighbours are for

Don't we all wish we had a neighbour like him?
A short CCTV recording of the man's kind act recently went viral on social media as netizens can't help but go 'awww'. 

In the four minute video uploaded onto a Subang Jaya community Facebook group, a man can be seen trying to keep his neighbour's laundry dry by pulling it into shelter.

According to Harian Metro, Nur Syazana Izham was fully expecting her clothes to be fully drenched in the rain as it started raining heavily on the day of the incident.

But when she reached home, she was pleasantly surprised to find her clothes all dry and crispy.

When she checked her CCTV footage, she saw her neighbour tirelessly moving her laundry from under the sun to the porch area using a long hook from inside his house.

You can watch the video here.

Mission impossible? He did it!
Nur Syazana told the Malay daily that despite being neighbours, they seldom spoke to each other.

“That makes his action of helping me to move my clothes more heartwarming,” the 35-year-old Subang Jaya Municipal Council administrative assistant was quoted as saying.

The man's kind act has won hearts on social media, with many thanking the man for being a model neighbour.

Sigh, don’t we all wish we have a neighbour like this uncle?

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